Many times, we are able to repair a current implant instead of needing to fully replace it. When we repair the tooth, we tend to replace the crown part of the implant with a cap that is more advanced with a better design. Sometimes the old crown loosens or even falls out. The newer crown versions we would replace the old one with can match the rest of your teeth better and have an improved shape. When we are able to repair the tooth, it has the benefit of being a quick and minor procedure that won’t affect your life too much. When needed, we can quickly put in a temporary version until you are ready for the lasting fix.


In some cases, implant replacement is necessary. This can be due to extensive damage that has reduced the tooth’s appearance and ability to function. It’s more common for older ones to require replacement. The upside of needing a replacement is that the new version would be one of the more advanced implants available. They have improvements over the older models and could provide a better look, improved function and enhanced comfort over the one you currently have. The more advanced ones are made with higher-quality materials that are stronger for longer, with an improved appearance.

Implant Restoration Services

At Merrily Sandford, DDS & Associates, we provide implant restoration services when they’re necessary. Our staff knows the signs of implant problems, and we are committed to checking them each time we see you. During visits after having implants put in, we assess your gums, bone density and any part that’s connected to the implant. These checks are in an effort to keep you healthy and catch any problems with the implants.

When you receive implants, we will guide you on how best to take care of them. This will help you minimize problems and be aware if any present themselves. If you think there is an issue with your current implants, please let us know so we can check them.

At Merrily Sandford, DDS & Associates, we follow our ethical way of doing business when we approach implant restoration. This means that we put your health and well-being first. We always check your implants after we fit them, and we give you the information you need about your oral health and treatments.

We will check your dental implants during your next checkup and cleaning appointment. To make this appointment or address a possible problem, please call us at (512) 263-8284.