Dr. Merrily Sandford is celebrating victories over the devastating condition known as Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) and Sleep Apnea.

Up until very recently, the news for SDB sufferers hasn’t been good with very few options. Modern medicine had no cure and treatment options would amount to a life sentence of either wearing a CPAP or Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) every night for the rest of your life or prepare to live a shortened life with many complications and compromises.

Each year in the US alone, 1.7 million Americans receive prescriptions for CPAP machines or Mandibular Advancement Devices that help maintain an open airway during sleep. And with frightening predictability, each year an estimated 1.5 million of those same people abandon their CPAP machines and Mandibular Oral Appliances, never to use them again.

Now, however, there’s new hope in the fight against SDB. After years of clinical research and development, Dr. Dave Singh, with three doctorate degrees and close to 100 published studies and articles, introduced a novel approach and revolutionary technology. Based on the key insight that almost all SDB sufferers share a compromised or constricted airway, Dr. Singh applied his knowledge of craniofacial epigenetics to the patented design of a new kind of oral appliance.

Unlike every other dental oral appliance on the market, Dr. Singh’s Vivos DNA appliance technology works to stimulate the body’s own stem cells to widen the dental arches, reposition the upper and lower jaws, expand and remodel the airway, and naturally help align the body. Total treatment times are just 12 to 24 months.

The DNA Appliance® incorporates epigenetic orthodontics to gradually correct tooth alignment, palate depth and width in a natural way. The technology operates on the principle of epigenetic orthodontics. While braces exert physical force to move the position of the teeth and jaw, epigenetic orthodontics involves targeting and stimulating the immature or embryonic cells in the jaw to enhance oral health and function.

The DNA Appliance® is the only non-surgical and drug-free option for reshaping craniofacial structures to improve your dental and overall health. The appliance allows for correction and reshaping of your palate and dental arches.
Shaped like an ordinary dental retainer, the DNA Appliance® is designed to be worn comfortably at night while you sleep. As the treatment progresses, cells become active and begin adjusting dental, craniofacial, and upper airway structures naturally.

The DNA Appliance® can permanently correct sleep apnea and cure snoring by naturally remodeling a patient’s airway. Patients often have high arches and palates that are too narrow. By widening your arch and altering the shape of your oral cavity this improves your ability to breath.

Your airway volume increases, and this has been shown on thousands of patients with 3-d scans (CBCT) of the airway before and after treatment.

With over 100 successful cases to date, many Vivos DNA appliance patients report dramatic reversals in their symptoms and associated health conditions in just a few days or weeks.

And the best part? After treatment is concluded, patients and their airways are often restored to a normal or optimal health condition, with no further treatment required.

Patients can truly “breathe new life” and become CPAP free!