Dr. Merrily Sandford routinely asks her patients “Would you like to straighten your teeth in days not years?

Can you imagine straightening your teeth in only a few months?

Class 1 Before and Class 1 After 96 Days

Your children would only miss school for a few months instead of 2 or 3 years!

Wouldn’t it be great if you only had to leave work for a few months to take them to their appointments?

Open bite Before and Open Bite After 152 Days

Would you like a more Holistic Orthodontic approach to straightening your teeth?

Dr Sandford promotes Non-Extraction Fastbrace therapy using only one wire. The patented technology can Grow Bone thereby increasing the palate and airway.
She chose this wire brace system because unlike traditional orthodontics that have constant heavy forces causing root damage in nearly 100% of patients, she uses the Fastbraces technique that is safe with easy low force braces while growing bone and expanding the alveolar arch to increase the space needed for your teeth and your tongue, which helps improve your breathing and airway.

Dr Sandford says “My patients love saving time and money” as she promotes a holistic approach to orthodontic wire braces.